We recommend arriving 5-7 minutes early to your bus stop!
Bus Schedule


The Governing Board and Administration consider it a priority to provide bus transportation to and from school. However, riding the school bus is a privilege that may be revoked at any time if a student’s behavior becomes unsafe or inappropriate. For the bus to operate safely, the driver must be able to concentrate, so students must use their best behavior.

A bus schedule is distributed at the beginning of each school year. We recommend that students arrive at their stops 5 – 7 minutes prior to pick-up time, as the actual arrival time of our bus may fluctuate. Bus stops are planned based on ridership.

Bus Evacuation & Etiquette

At the beginning of each school year, the school’s bus driver will hold a bus evacuation drill to teach each student how to safely evacuate in addition to basic bus etiquette.

Walking Students

If you would like your student to walk to school, please take the time to plan the safest, easiest route from your home. Blue Lake Boulevard often has heavy traffic including logging trucks and should be avoided if at all possible; if students must walk that route, please advise them to wear reflective clothing, to walk against the flow of traffic, and to cross only when and where it is safe; please use designated crosswalks when available.

Bus Schedule

2019-2020 Bus Schedule